for string quartet, vocal trio, harp, keys, flute, drums & bass (2020) 


‘Hert’ is a suite in eight movements. Initially inspired by George Mackay Brown’s poetry, I set out to find seven more writers from my homeland of Orkney. Alongside Mackay Brown’s iconic Orcadian writing, I wanted to explore further, finding the contrasting perspectives that make up the rich tapestry of Orkney life. I wanted to draw light upon the un-stereotypical characters – those that may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of a small island community.  

‘Hert’ is written for 8 musicians and 13 instruments. It was premiered at Celtic Connections 2020 as part of their ‘New Voices’ series. 


Photos: Alistair Cassidy

Personnel at first performance 

Catriona Price - violin/vocals 

Seonaid Aitken - violin/vocals 

Sarah Leonard - viola 

Alice Allen - cello

Esther Swift - harp/vocals 

Sarah Hayes - keys/alto flute/vocals 

Owen Williams - drums 

Mario Caribè - bass 

Ben Seal - sound

Readers (sampled):

Kevin Cormack, Brain Cromarty, Fionn McArthur, Douglas Montgomery, Kenny Ritch 

Texts used:

Hert - Kevin Cormack

Swans - George Mackay Brown 

No Such Thing as Belonging

- Harry Josephine Giles

Venus as a Boy - Luke Sutherland

Storms - Margaret Tait

Silence - Yvonne Gray

Energy at the End of the World

- Laura Watts

If - Pam Beasant

May alone 

for string quartet (2020) 

dreaming of twenty one 

for violin, voice & loops (2020)