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Debut solo album

“vivid aural collage”  ☆☆☆☆

- The Scotsman


"an engaging multi-layered work that achieves the rarest of things, synergy"

for string quartet, vocal trio, harp, keys, flute, drums & bass 

Catriona Price_Hert_Credit_Lost Clock Productions_C-36.jpg

Hert (Orcadian Scots for ‘Heart’) is a suite in nine movements for nine musicians.


Inspired by George Mackay Brown’s iconic Orcadian writing, Catriona chose seven more Orcadian writers to represent the contrasting perspective making up the rich tapestry of Orkney life – the non-stereotypical characters that may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of a small island community. These include Pam Beasant, George Mackay Brown, Kevin Cormack, Harry Josephine Giles, Yvonne Gray and Margaret Tait.

Hert sets work from these poets to music, and also includes two instrumentals inspired by books written by Luke Sutherland and Laura Watts.


“Through the piece I wanted to explore the changing meaning of ‘home’ - to delve into what my motherland of Orkney means to me now that I’m looking upon it with adult eyes. The parts of it I love and celebrate, am proud of, am disillusioned by, things I didn’t notice when I was a child growing up in the island bubble, and the things that I miss.”

Hert encapsulates Catriona’s collaborative nature, and features performances from some of Scotland’s most renowned and respected musicians, including Seonaid Aitken (violin & vocals), Sarah Leonard (viola), Alice Allen (cello), Sarah Hayes (flutes, vocals), Esther Swift (harp, vocals), Tom Gibbs (piano, nord), Andrew Robb (double bass), and Owen Williams (drums).
The album was produced, recorded and mixed by double MPG award winning producer Fiona Cruickshankat Castlesound Studios.

Released Jan 20th 2023

Texts used:

Hert - Kevin Cormack

Swans - George Mackay Brown 

No Such Thing as Belonging - Harry Josephine Giles

Venus as a Boy - Luke Sutherland

Storms - Margaret Tait

Silence - Yvonne Gray

Energy at the End of the World - Laura Watts

If - Pam Beasant


Readers (sampled):

Kevin Cormack, Brain Cromarty, Fionn McArthur, Douglas Montgomery, Kenny Ritch 



“vivid aural collage”  ☆☆☆☆

- The Scotsman


"an engaging multi-layered work that achieves the rarest of things, synergy"
- Fatea Magazine

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