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Updated: Jan 27

Hello friends!

I’m so happy to say that Hert is finally out in the world! With a team of absolutely wonderful friends and colleagues I’ve been able to make a piece of work I’m really proud of, and now, finally, I get to share it with you! I really hope you find something in this music that resonates with you, that moves you or makes you feel great and accompanies you on some of your own life’s adventures.

I want to say a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the music, pre-saved, liked, shared, or told their friends about it. It all makes a real difference in getting the word out and letting new people know that this album exists. I really appreciate it!

If you would like to buy an album or streaming pack, here’s where to go:

Enjoy the music!


I’m so happy to announce that my debut solo album Hert will be released on 20th January 2023, with a launch concert at Glasgow’s amazing Celtic Connections on Friday 27th January.

It’s been a while coming (hello Covid 👋🏻), but I couldn’t be more proud of the result and can’t wait to share this album with you! Some of you have waited aaages for your CD - I want to say massive thank you to everyone who pre-ordered last year (before Omicron came along and scuppered our original release plan). Thank you for your patience and support. It’s so appreciated! 🤗

Pre-order your signed copy of the album now:

You can choose to purchase it either as a CD or digital download pack (includes booklet with linear notes, artwork and lyrics plus a download code instead of a CD). In the booklet you’ll get a copy of the amazing poems I’ve set, each by a different Orkney writer. And enjoy the beautiful cover artwork – created by one of my favourite Orcadian artists Laura Drever.

Tickets are now available Celtic Connections show:

I can’t wait to finally play this music live with the host of musical powerhouses who joined me in the studio. We’d love to see you there to celebrate! 

Love Catriona x

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I'm delighted to announce a brand new collaboration with the jazz guitarist and composer Alex Roth!

The initial inspiration for Light Show came during the unusually snowy winter of 2010. I was back home in Orkney for the Christmas holidays and the snow lay heavy for days on end, cocooning my parents’ house. The constantly evolving white and blue lights drifting across the huge tree-less horizon of the snow-covered island are seared on my memory. At the time I was studying at the Royal Academy of Music, where I’d begun collaborating with Alex Roth on co-arranged songs. Back in London, we spent a day in the RAM studio and recorded most of the parts for this track. But then, after graduating, our other projects took over and Light Show sat on a hard drive, waiting for the finishing touches, for almost a decade! The coronavirus lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to dust it off, and we’re now delighted to share (finally) our debut single!

You can support our future music by buying the track over on our Bandcamp page.

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